Sunday, March 18, 2012

Friday, March 9, 2012

bryan and i had just amicably ended our 3 year relationship this past thanksgiving. so i spent it with two of my best friend's, rosie and johaness.  we went to her father's girlfriend's sister's house for dinner where we gorged, drank, and napped. the best part was later that night. we all smoked and then went to best buy to photograph the people waiting in line for black friday deals. it was johaness's idea of course.  johaness loves the american experience and it has been mine and rosie's duty to show the austrian the best time while he's here with us. us three photographers, and her brother, who is a painter, all rode down to best buy. i only brought my favorite, broken, pocket 35 mm. i let the two digital kids go at it. i really didn't even feel like shooting. more just taking everything in and helping them out. the line was wrapped around the entire building at least four or five people deep. they were even showing previews and advertisements on a huge, make-shift screen outside. i kept thinking how i would never be one of the people who did things like that. wait in line all night for some highly discounted, material object? i won't even wait in lines at a theme park they are longer than 10 minutes. quality of time and experience.

Monday, March 5, 2012

i'm getting back 6 rolls of film on wednesday. i stood in the back of the store beside the only guy i've let touch my film for the past 2 years, and watched him process them the other night. i leaned my flu ridden self on the machine while we looked at the scans on the screen. he stayed open late just for me. but i can't pick them up until wednesday. that's when they are on sale. nothing exciting. some leftover birthday rolls i forgot about. there are a few gems. i now know why i was in no hurry to develop them. i plan to take this summer off from school and dedicate myself to shooting film.

 speaking of film guy, every time i am around him someone walks up and tells me how amazing he is and how i should never let him go. which we both find amusing, as we are not together.  i asked him if that happens to other people when he's hanging with them. i already know the answer. he's just one of those guys. that you just KNOW are awesome. a girl did it the other night he and i were drinking beers. she walked up to me and told me how amazing he is and then walked off. he thought she was hot, but could not remember where he knew her, or what her name was, which is not like him. so I did what every good friend would do. i tracked her down. found her in the women's restroom at the sink. walked up to her. straightened out her necklace and said, "you know, he and i are not together. how do you know him? what is your name again? he really is one of the greatest guys i know. are you single? you should hang out with him." then dried my hands and walked out to warn him of her arrival 2 seconds behind me. it didn't end up working out that night. but he told me that he added her on facebook. that's always a step in the "right" direction in today's world.