Friday, February 25, 2011

bryan, madi, and i home brewed sarsaparilla. 40 bottles. about 5 of them exploded all over the place but now that we have them in the fridge, they are doing fine. i've been hangin out with Madi a lot lately. she lives less than a block from me now. she let me borrow her digital so that i could grab all the photos i've been taking on it.

my bedroom

madison macleod's garden room

Thursday, February 17, 2011

the first thing i remember is seeing light in my eyes. then realizing i was on the floor. then realizing i was in the hard rock hotel hotel room after my best friend's birthday. then realizing i was laying in a puddle of my own vomit. shit. what time was it. 7: 21 am. shit. i have school. where is my dress? groggy thank yous and im sorrys - don't look under this pillow on the floor.

we had drank, and gambled, and danced....i remember up to the point where her and i were in our bathing suits in the bathtub after getting take out from the green room. i was reaching over the tub and shoving wet, country fried steak and eggs into both of our mouths as she was laughing. i poured the whole container of bath salts in the tub. "let's chug all the bottles around the tub".......blank.

my mom

dog park friend of hers