Tuesday, February 4, 2014

i will apply to yale soon.

college is so frantic, there is hardly time for personal reflection. i am learning so much, i can't tell if it's relevant to my own art anymore. sure know i don't have much time for it. just trying to find joy in reading about david, drouais, and girodet. at least crow makes it interesting. slacking on my research and my directed studies. supposed to be researching for an upcoming photography exhibit at the CAM. slowly becoming more involved. i think i just feel slighted, and guilty at my own lack of photography, that im revolting against whatever i can when really all i need to do is turn my camera on, and then i'd probably do a mental 180. it sure does travel with me. i think i need to revert to film again. i am purposely sabotageical.

this all sounds so self centered and loathing, and though i will never deny my absorption in self, i admit these are fleeting thoughts i have at this moment that i should probably cling to a little tighter. i'm yearning for a video project. i receive my new laptop on saturday, which should open up worlds of possibilities.

here is my unedited film new orleans experience... since technology has failed me and now await the merging of my laptop and external drive.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

boston, ma 
unedited film