Tuesday, January 19, 2010

day 173

so i had an artist thing for a little while... dont really feel like talking about it right now because im so excited about the 35mm film i got back tonight that i feel like its far in the past now.

ok...well.... i got discouraged. after i had 3 models no call no show on me all in one week, it kinda got my spirits down. i was a little heartbroken. i wrote this on my mm:

"photography is my life. i am in love with it… but… because I work so much, my time is very sparse and precious to me. the above models have disrespected my time, my enthusiasum to work with them, and my love of photography by planning shoots with me and then not calling, and not showing up...and i have still not heard from them to this day."

and im not saying i was all emo artist like and pouting about life. i just simply set that on the back burner and focused on other things. like my love of life. and ill erase this if this sounds too hippy... breath. and breeze. and sun. and stupid work. and life that just happens. even when you dont want those parts of life to happen. like a burned out headlight. and awkward social situations. yum. its all great.

anyways. i saw my buddy bask walking through the streets of ybor. and he picked me up and hugged me and told me how great my photography was and that he cant wait to see more. and i was flattered. and asked: really? yeah. shit. and my best friend was talking to someone about me and when she started on about my photography, she said, "yeah. oh my god. she is such an ammaazing photographer." what??? and of course my mentor and kick ass photographer buddy, chris rank. he's such a great supporter of me. aw shucks guys.

although of course i think theyre exaggerating, at least it was exactly what i needed to hear after that break of enhoying every detail of life... and so i shot this. its called "watch your step".. go figure :

and thats all i can show you for now....