Tuesday, December 28, 2010

so i haven't been posting many of my new photos anywhere. i'm not sure why. but i feel like i must hold on to them for some reason. like they've become very personal to me. i think that is a good thing. i'll share some though. why not, eh? :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

just got back from my charleston sc/savannah ga trip. i really liked savannah. although i'm pretty sure it's just a large-scale truman show. on the same day, i saw the same people at least 5 times. it was very beautiful and i found out that the people are pretty nice too.

my camera is still doing that thing where it chooses when it wants to be broken. but i can't say i mind that much.

Friday, December 10, 2010

developed 3 rolls of film lying around and now realized that #1 my nikon is not broken #2 i did not lose any film. silly girl. much to do on my winter break. already have done so much. i need to work on my invention but i have to plan for my road trip next week and still sell my textbooks back.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

finals week. ick. my last final (statistics) is tomorrow morning at 7:30 am. so glad to be done.

hehe. so my digital point and shoot camera is bwoken. and it chooses when to be bwooken too. it started at the black friday art show [which was marvelous btw. i helped sarah gail out all day at the vitale studio set up like a store, selling over 50 amazing local artist's work. (including mine!)] and has continued to on and off not-work ever since.

i kinda like it. it's like i have this new lomo camera built in to my crappy point and shoot that chooses when it wants to work. wait until you see the video from it.

so i have this one dream a lot. and a lot of different ways. but it's always the same. i'm always living in, or visiting this awesome house on the beach. the house changes. sometimes it's facing east or west, painted grey or brown, but they always have at least one pool. and i'm always living there with my mom and my sister. i'm having a great time, enjoying this wealth we've never had before. usually doing different water related sports, and next thing you know, this huge wave is coming. and i can always see it. there, in the distance. everyone starts running and screaming. and my first thought is always, "my sister!" and i set out to protect her/grab her/warn her as much i can with such small warning. i always get her. sometimes i even get my mom. we always survive. but the wave always hits us.

haha. the other night i realized that most (if not every single one) of my dreams is about transportation in some way. every single one i have. action. movement. bridges. airplanes. cars. horses. i'm always going somewhere. or trying to get somewhere. getting things done. phew. talk about my whole life. i am always getting things done. i love getting things done. i love my crossed-off to-do lists. i am working on breaking this habit. i tend to feel that if i am not getting things done, i and/or my life, is pointless or worthless. hey. identifying things is the first movement towards growth. GrOOOOOOOwth.