Sunday, August 22, 2010

these are two pictures i shot of people i have seen around, but finally had conversation with and soon after, took portraits of.

first day back to school tomorrow. on the schedule: 8:35 am: beginning drawing. im super excited. the new 70s writing desk i got today sure will come in handy.

Saturday, August 21, 2010
love the new photos
me: thanks sensai
good morning morning anyway we will talk about your new photos in depth when you get back
Sent at 10:17 AM on Saturday
me: no
im k'2d as shit
now. well ok I love that you are shooting again, and you color and composition are great
me: gay
keep talking but I want to know how these shots are getting you to a place closer to knowing your body of work
right now they are curious and cool hipster shots, not art
me: no fucking way'
fuck hipsters haha
me: they have no talent
they all suck
at least 100% times as much as me
gay faggot you are awesome, but these are not art
if you were just going for some cool snaps
then mission accomplished
very cool snaps
playful and fun
me: my moms in a wheelchair right now
and on her paper
that day she chose to draw a bike
and my sister, writes in her journal and draws on taco tuesday.
i caught her writing about me ok keep going
me: she said, "everyone always loves alyssa.
" see now THIS is intereting context
keep going
me: then somewhere else it said, "shes just so ..."
i forgot the word
but basically,
i have NEVEERR seen my sister act the way she did when she thought i might have read what she was writing.
it really scared the fuck outta me
just how her eyes started darting around
and she flushed
and was
all weird wow crazy
me: yeah
this is them on "taco tuesday"
its this thing at at burrito boarder
where tacos are 1
and its in downtown downtown st pete
so they go there
and everyone knows them interesting
me: and they sit outside
and draw
and write now this is interesting stuff
me: all evening long
i was there with them for like 5 hours you know your next project may just be a family project
me: and they invited me
to their special taco tuesday it could be fing amazing
me: it was awesome
i sat there with my camera that is great
me: and they wrote and drawed
my whole family is artists
like every mother fucking semi even related to me person wonderful. have to make breakfast for the baby
ok I want to see more shots of the fam soon has taken this chat off the record Learn more Cancel
Sent at 10:30 AM on Saturday