Saturday, September 24, 2011

i made it through a really bad bout with a mysterious sickness, and my 26th birthday.

my birthday is always the start of my favorite time of year. it starts to cool off and then a go-round of my favorite holidays comes marching through. florida needs to catch up on the cooling off thing though. i can't wait until i can open my windows and patio door and not close them again for a few months... my electric bill also becomes pretty much nonexistent.

i am starting to plan my winter vacation. the top runners are: minneapolis, boston, and new orleans.

also trying to complete my 35 mm project. it's hard deciding if what i have is good enough for my artist statement, and really just for my own harsh judgement. this last roll i shot didn't come out so great. but i bought a camera with underwater housing for my birthday present to myself so here are some of those photos. the roll that was preloaded in it was expired so the results were nifty for birthday fun.

also i got to act in a scene from johnny vitale's new short film ignition. like always, all of the people around are really awesome and talented friends, so it was a blast. john also asked me to help film the final scene, which should be coming up here soon. here is the latest trailer where you can see the gang i'm in, the amazons, looking badass: