Sunday, October 25, 2009

day 87

blog exclusive:

i shot Ina yesterday. here are unedited film shots:


Monday, October 19, 2009

day 81

to change it all up, i want to talk about music today.

im gonna talk about my relationship with music.
and talk about a few things related.
and in the process... you'll see why i'm not a writer...

i love music so much that i can physically FEEL it. when i'm listening to it, i can feel it in my gut and throat. this is why i love dancing. dancing feels so good. hearing a really good song makes me move. in a really funny way too. i just dance how i feel. and i feel pretty funny. oh. and im really personal about music too. like most things i love in my life. and i love a lot of things. i can't like a song if too many people like it.

but back to loving music. god. i just LOOOOVE it. dancing is the shit.

so to share some songs that i love that can really really really make me instantly happy atm...

i have placed that little box to the right. its white and blue and has songs in it.

that is my love list. i might not have my ipod updated, or my cds dowloaded, or my mycomputer/ajflame/music updated.... but my IMEEM is ALWAYS updated. almost daily....if the order of the 'songs i really love atm' changes.

i started off havig a lot to say about music...but as i started typing i lost it all because i was dancing on the keyboard to music.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

day 82

more more more.

photography makes m world go round. it makes me fucking excited. there. i said it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

day 71

as previosuly mentioned, i broke out my oktomat and here are the results:

but first... im very sad that only 10 of the 27 pictures came out. but that is the risk you run when working with toy cameras. :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

day 65

(?) i hope its day 65.

since my last post i have:

- moved into a new adorable apt. in hyde park
- turned 24
- made $100 at my "eclectic/artsy" yard sale
- re-invented an old D&G ad for a photo shoot
- stabbed myself in the back with my switchblade
- set my finger on fire doing my first flaming dr. pepper
- decided to take up knitting

and that's just the boring stuff.

i've been slow on taking pics. at first i was frantically preparing for my (s
uper successful) yard sale. and now that's over, i'm trying to finish moving into my place. im jumping on it now.

unedited fartsy digital pics for the day:

sneak peek of the new place

sneak peak of the star of my next short coming soon...

worst dog in the entire world and smarter than your 5th grader