Tuesday, January 8, 2013


i've somehow made the transition from extreme formalist and modernist, to being completely immersed in postmodernism. i am not sure when the shift happened...but the realization came today in my seminar class: re-making art in the 80's. i was so consumed with ideas of my own art and metamorphosis that i couldn't concentrate on the ideas we were trying to grasp in our readings.

i am not disappointed in my change of attitude towards art and my own processes. i am slightly thrilled. ever since january of last year, i felt that everything encompassing my existence has been on the steady incline. there have been many positive changes, and huge advances still in the works. (typing of changes... i keep adjusting and updating my website. i also got rid of facebook. i don't find a need in it. maybe one day i will again.)

i've come to realize that not only is my art and photography an all consuming passion of mine... but i've finally admitted that if i am not progressing, or making art on the daily, i feel as though i am failing as a human. maybe not as a human, but as an artist? (this became instilled in myself in 2008 by a j.m.b aka: worm) never mind. it doesn't bother me. i feel i am making art even when i am sitting still and thinking of nothing. how pretentious of me. modesty has never been one of my strong points anyhow.

i recently decided that i should start keeping up with what is going on in the art world today. not even 24 hours passed before i decided the opposite. in the history of art in contemporary life, we analyze and look to the canons that have passed before us and decide to partake, or to go against the grain and invent something new...and depending on whose theory you are most comfortable with, you reject the one before and cling to the new or you blah blah blah. i don't care. i feel the same way about the news and the weather. they happen. over and over, every single day, and they've been happening. it's all so predictable. so i could really care less what others are doing with photography and art. i have a grasp on the past and artistic conventions and i bet i could even predict the newest trends with all of them. it is the end of art. we are beyond PoMo and the contemporary. i still hold some dignity and refuse to let camera phones, instagram, and the likes enter into the framework, unless there is a strong, conceptual base to the series.

here is a sneak peek to some exclusive, new digital work: